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Tennis is the perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of tranquility.

—Billie Jean King

Welcome to the Paradzik Institute of Tennis (PIT) Academy

David Paradzik has been involved in high-performance tennis as a player and a coach for over twenty years. David was trained by many legendary coaches and he played first singles at the University of Michigan, won a National Amateur Championship Gold Ball, and led the University of Michigan Men's Tennis team to a Big Ten Title. Since then David has worked with numerous National Champions such as Clay Thompson, Nicole Gibbs, Lauren Davis, and Kyle McPhillips.

David established the PIT to develop national-level players that eventually play at collegiate and professional levels. With the "no excuses" methodology, the PIT combines modern and classical techniques with advanced mental toughness. The PIT stresses top physical conditioning, superb technique, and victory through visualization. The benefits of yoga and injury prevention are also emphasized.

Through continuous involvement with adult USTA leagues and ratings, David has coached various national-level teams. People of all ages and skill levels have benefited from David's expertise.

Located in Southern California. For more information, please contact David directly at (310) 909-9421 or e-mail

Virtuous Tennis:Preserving American Tennis One Virtue at a Time

Check out the first chapter of David Paradzik's new book, Virtuous Tennis.

Students in the news
Clay Thompson wins ITA NCAA Winter Nationals!

Watch the interview.

Zac Brodney wins 16 & under Boys' Sectional Doubles!

Over the weekend Zac Brodney continued his rise in the rankings in So Cal by winning the Sectional Doubles Championship. Paired with Connor Hance, the duo defeated the #3 seeds Borchenko/Goulak in the finals 7-6, 6-1. Good luck to Zac at the Winter Nationals!

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